Book Services

Whether you’ve finished a manuscript or you’re shaping a wisp of an idea, I’ll help you take your book project to the next level.

Book Prep

Have an idea for a great book? With this consultation, we’ll ask the questions on every literary agent’s lips: What’s it about? What qualifies you write it? Who are your readers and how will you reach them? We’ll also cover current publishing trends and outline an action plan to get your project started on the right foot. $120

The 50-Page Review

I’ll read your first fifty pages and provide detailed notes on voice, dialogue, setting, and character development. I’ll analyze your sentence mechanics and provide the tools to keep your writing clean and lean. I’ll also celebrate everything you’re doing right. The 50-Page Review includes line-edits for five pages and a 90-minute consultation. $285

The Structural Edit

Your story rocks, but your manuscript falls flat. This happens when an author knows too much–and stuffs it all into the book. To put the sizzle back in your story, we’ll clear info-clutter, tighten transitions, and quicken the pace to keep readers turning pages. A reading fee of $200 (applied to the total charge) will allow me to evaluate your full manuscript and provide a quote for this collaborative editing project. $850 to $5000

One-Shots + Multiples

Submit up to 20 pages before we meet and we’ll go over them with a fine-toothed comb during a 90-minute edit session. I’ll follow up with edited pages, reference materials, and recommendations for specific websites to elevate your writing. $120 each (4 for $425)

Agent Pitch Packages

Before you start your book proposal, it’s essential to research literary agents and submission guidelines. Most request a cover letter, synopsis, author bio, marketing plan, and sample chapters. But requirements vary. Proposal prices depend on your book’s genre and scope. $450 to $1500

Ghostwriting Isn’t Scary

I accept a strictly limited number of ghostwriting projects with a $1500 monthly retainer and contract. Each month, I provide six one-on-one sessions, 2-4 hours each, and remain accessible by phone or email. I’m also happy to travel to meet you for intensive 2 or 3-day work sessions. Prices range from $3000 for a business or design book to $30,000 for a start-from-scratch project with interviews spanning a year or more.

Collaborative writing is an intimate process that requires confidentiality, trust, and mutual respect. A good fit is essential. I invite you to contact me to discuss your ideal creative partnership. A 30-minute consultation is complimentary and the decision about what’s best for your book remains, as always, yours. $3000 to $30,000

For client references or further information, feel free to get in touch.

“Having been an editor herself, Constance understands the editorial process in a way that many professional writers don’t. She’s so easy to work with because she totally gets what’s needed.”
Louise Sloan, Senior Editor, Ladies’ Home Journal; Founding Editor, Singlewith
Thank you for a stellar job. It was wonderful to assign a package and then not worry about it, knowing it will come in well written and well reported.
Rosemary Ellis, Editor in Chief, Good Housekeeping
Constance is an incredibly gifted editor. Acting as part cheerleader, therapist and coach, her perceptive and sensitive approach has helped me find my voice.
Libby Buck, Chapel Hill, NC

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